Who We Are


Widows, OrphansRecovery, Leaders, Diversity.

What We Do

The mission of SFL is to equip people to handle the obstacles that life throws their way. We offer counseling for addiction, obesity, marriage, and finances. We offer financial assistance to cancer patients. We offer scholarships to kids who cannot afford to play sports. We also partner with various organizations who share similarly visions and values.







Why We Do It

SFL was founded on the values of Joanie Bostic.    Joanie lost her battle with cancer in 1995 but never lost her zeal for life. Her passion to fight cancer with a courageous spirit is the DNA of SFL. Whether she had a chemo treatment, a bad diagnosis, or a bone marrow treatment - her faith in God to help her overcome the obstacle never wavered. She believed that God could give her life in any situation - even in death.









SFL began in 2004 with a Guinness World Record (most made 3 point shots in 24 hours) in honor of Joanie. Since then, SFL has helped cancer patients from all around the country with their battle with cancer and has performed numerous school presentations.